Episode 32

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14th Nov 2020

Subscribe now: The magical world of subscription services

Want a new Mercedes but can’t afford to buy one? Why buy a CD when £10 a month gives you ‘000? Setting up a new online business but will limited funds? Have it all, Subscribe Now!!

This episode of Old Fox Young Fox looks at the subscription economy. Joined by Toby Beresford of Veneficus, we explore how a move from owning to renting is transforming the landscape for both consumers and suppliers globally.

Netflix, Spotify, Apple iCloud, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services are all examples of subscriptions and whether we realise it or not, we are consuming more products and services via subscription every day. In fact, 2020 saw huge growth in subscription services globally due in part to Covid-19 and our insatiable desire to try before we buy, get it now and always have the latest and greatest.

What is surprising is how far the subscription model of pay as you go has reached with school uniforms, and even jet engines moving to this model.

But how do subscriptions actually work? What are the benefits to businesses to moving to a subscription-based model and are they better or worse for us the consumer?


About the show:

Old Fox Young Fox is an intergenerational conversation between Jeremy Woolwich and Oliver Happy, one that explores the impacts of a rapidly changing world.


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About our guest:

Toby Beresford is an entrepreneur, author and is Head of client engagement at Veneficus, with Rise.global as "a side hustle project". Toby lives with his family in the South of England and is actively engaged in the rise of social media, the subscription economy and what it all means.


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About the Podcast

Old Fox Young Fox
A show that explores the impacts of a rapidly changing world.
Old Fox Young Fox is an intergenerational conversation where hosts Jeremy Woolwich and Oliver Happy talk through themes impacting our lives, viewed through the lense of different generations and guided by acknowledged experts.

Topics include:
Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X, Y & Z. Blockchain, The Circular Economy, Social Media, AI, Gamification, Brexit, Modern Elders, Happiness, The Gig Economy, The Climate Emergency, Fake News. All present opportunities and threats.

Everything is connected, everything is changing. What does it all mean?
How might it affect our businesses and our lives?

How do we adapt?
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Oliver Happy

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Ollie works in tech and enjoys building things. He hosts indie podcasts Old Fox Young Fox, Problem Busters and Gone Workabout. He's a Kiwi, he eats a lot and loves sharing good ideas. He is determined to leave the world in a better state than he found it.

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Jeremy Woolwich is a marketing, communications and strategy consultant with over 30 years of experience. His practice Independent Perspective Ltd. helps companies both global and local, tackle common challenges, plan for change and evolve. Jeremy is our Old Fox and is damn good at it. However the world has changed since Jeremy cut his teeth in business and as the speed of change gathers pace, he is intrigued by the new and emerging trends that are shaking the foundations of how business get things done and the challenges they present to individuals, management teams and the wider community. Jeremy reads widely and enjoys developing strong, educated opinions on things that matter.