Episode 34

Published on:

12th Dec 2020

Medical Innovation and the NHS with Dr. Sam Shah

Global Health Advisor Dr. Sam Shah is back on the Old Fox Young Fox podcast, this time focusing on medical innovation in the NHS and globally. We talk Covid-19 vaccines, what we've learned about the virus so far, how the healthcare system has responded to the increased load and what it is like to work on the frontline, in a medical clinic, day to day.

This is a far-ranging conversation and we cover a lot of interesting ground, including the role of data in current and future healthcare, the public-private partnership and how we all have a role to play in staying healthy.

Then we take a global view and look to China, India, New Zealand, the USA, the UK and beyond for examples of medical innovation and both the benefits and risks that such a rapidly evolving world brings with it.

About the show:

Old Fox Young Fox is an intergenerational conversation between Jeremy Woolwich and Oliver Happy, one that explores the impacts of a rapidly changing world.

Show mentions:

  • An insider's guide to Covid-19 with Dr. Sam Shah
  • 02:30 hope the vaccine gets to the people who need it most
  • Event: The future of healthcare technology innovation in Dubai
  • nhs england
  • NHSX
  • Google Deep Mind project in the NHS
  • 07:00, 08:30 NHS as a philosophy, assets and IP and ownership
  • Facebook and their accumulation of big data
  • 10:00 Google Deep mind in the NHS
  • 11:00 Private suppliers to the NHS
  • 12:00 willingly giving our data
  • WhatsApp and widespread clinical use. There is so much to be gained by clinicians sharing knowledge.
  • 13:00, 14:00-14:41 data safety and sharing of data safely
  • Ciitizen.com startup
  • 16:00 Move the power from the system to the citizen
  • 16:55, 18:00 - 18.00 NHSX role in data handling and privacy
  • NHS Digital
  • Department of Health England
  • 21:00 smart cities as an example of data being used healthfully
  • Department of sport, Department of pensions
  • Smart cities and the Internet of things (IoT) as an inspiration for big data in health
  • 23:00 China and how big data was used during Covid-19
  • 6:30, 27:45 Nudging as a technique to change behaviour, turn the system in the same way
  • FitBit and Google's purchase of FitBit
  • 29.27 The system is worn down and needs proper investment beyond toys, the model we need
  • 31:30 we should pay and promote wellness rather than pay for sickness, is the Chinese model more effective in this way?
  • 33:00 role of technology in helping during diagnosis or care
  • 35:45 diagnosis and when to test
  • 37:00, 38:31 Australia embracing technology in remote diagnosis
  • Flight Forward drone delivery of medication in the USA
  • Images of skin such as Mole map
  • 38:00 lots of technology can assist, it is about risk profile
  • Stephen Fry and his experience of being tested for Cancer
  • 39:40 Stephen Fry and his experience helping lead to more testing
  • Clare Oliver and the campaign to ban sunbeds in Australia
  • 54gene and the need to ensure racial equality in gene therapy research
  • 46:00 inequity in health and the need to undertake development of drugs that benefit the communities they need to help
  • The human genome project
  • The 100,000 genomes project
  • 51:00 - 52:00 edit out lack of a question and answer
  • Compulsory vaccinations and caution around due process in testing
  • Population-based genetic studies
  • The Covid-19 vaccine
  • 56:00 people have a right to be treated as adults and given information to be able to make a choice
  • Genetically modified food and drought resistant crops
  • Hims and mail order prescriptions
  • Online healthcare, benefits and risks
  • 01:03:00 Online healthcare as a technology, risks and benefits
  • Medications from eBay and Alibaba
  • Amazon Care and the virtual healthcare service
  • 01:06:45 Incentives to employers could be interesting. Amazon care, USA and UK models for involvement of employers in healthcare provision
  • The Quakers and free healthcare provided to staff
  • 01:09:00 Healthcare is not going to get cheaper, we need to invest and accept that healthcare is important.
  • CBD oil, ayahuasca and natural healthcare
  • The legalisation of cannibis
  • Magic mushrooms and controlled use
  • 01:14:00 We need investment in naturally occurring products
  • 01:16:00 wouldn't it be amazing if practitioners could share information together, better training
  • 01:19:00 the urgency to find a vaccine drove working together
  • 01:23:00 What I'd like to see in the future
  • Service design in healthcare
  • The future of healthcare
  • Testosterone deficiency in men

About our guest:

Dr. Sam Shah is a Global Digital Health Advisor whose interests span digital health, clinical leadership and public health. He works with both private and public organisations such as the UK's NHS (National Health Service). He is a founder of the Faculty of Future Medicine at Ulster University. Sam was previously Director of Digital Development for NHS England and NHSX, where he was responsible for digitisation programmes including a flagship project to digitise urgent care in the NHS. Sam lives and works in South East England and is a practicing clinician to this day.

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